Live in nature's playground

About SOuth River

thoughtfully designed

The south river community

Focused on the preservation and naturalization of the Elora countryside, South River is a community for outdoor living. From its mature trees to its thoughtfully landscaped setting, every detail has been considered for residents of South River. Manicured trails surround the perimeter and connect the parks throughout the site, making it easy to enjoy by foot or on a bike. Wander through the park and explore the naturalized playground, perfect for active play and butterfly watching.

The vision of this property was to celebrate the connection of the best of nature and community. From early morning meditations to romantic walks at dusk, your new community at South River will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Property Features

Central Park & Playground

Lush trails lead to the naturalized playground, designed for young imaginations and endless activity. Experience the natural splendour of Central Park through the beauty of the butterfly garden and the sprawling natural landscape. Seek active enjoyment by exploring the play structures or skating on the winter rink. Unwind with a relaxing picnic or a simple stroll.

Property Features

Woodland park & naturalized Areas

There’s always an opportunity for community and gathering at South River, but there’s equal opportunity to experience the picturesque natural surroundings. Rejuvenate your senses in the preserved landscape that surrounds your home and your town.

Take a walk through the Woodland Park or pause for a moment to watch the wildlife in the pond. Experience the calming effects of nature.